Are You Dreaming Enough?

3 Ways To Generate Dreaming Energy Right Now.

Float in the clouds when it comes to dreaming. Allow your imagination and intuition to bring you the most authentic ideas. What a gift it is to be able to generate dreams and bring them forth into your experience. Why on earth would you want to dim that light in you?

I get it, people are pulling your focus back to earth. Those dreams you have, they aren’t conditioned to allow it in their lives either. So they keep inviting you to be in the box with them when it comes to what we are meant to experience in this life.

 Is that really what you want?

To accept that things just are and there’s no point in dreaming big when it just is what it is?

Yeah, I’m not going to buy a ticket on that train thank you very much.

My goodness you are an incredible dreamer and I’m ready to see your vision and purpose work come to life! This energy you’ve generated is so contagious.

That’s where I want you my friend. Right here, with me in this mind frame of life, knowing that we have so much creative direction over it. I just want you to know it’s easier to generate energy then continuously start over again, stop again, on repeat.

Each day is your gift to unwrap and allow yourself yet another brilliant opportunity to allow creativity and love for your art into your vibration. We do this by setting up our environment and routine successfully and staying faithful to the art of allowing.

What comes so inherently for some of us dreamers is often rinsed out by family and society in others.

Here are three ways you can set yourself up for opportunities to dream out loud each day.

As you continue to keep showing up for yourself and your dreams you will naturally come up with other ways to allow yourself to dream vividly and boldly.

Generating dreams by dropping into practice allows of us to stay in flow energetically and show up authentically for ourselves each day. This momentum allows our imagination and creativity to expand exponentially.

1. Drop into meditation.

                If you have some resistance around this allow yourself to feel it and experiment with ways to bring the practice of mediation into your experience. Resistance making itself known to us is always an opportunity for growth.

Begin where you are with what you have. You can close your eyes and begin to bring awareness to your breath. The more focused on your breath you are the more the noise in the background begins to fade.

The beauty is in finding an approach that works for you but I can share what works consistently over the long term for me. I have learned from Gabby Bernstein for many years now and her monthly Miracle Membership is a great resource for me. I find her voice really soothing and her messages really timely. I have my miracle membership portal on deck in an open tab on my phone so when my alarm goes off in the 5am range I don’t have to fully wake to press play on one of her meditations.

This speaks on setting up your environment for success. I’m dedicated to not touching anything else on the phone except making sure a second alarm is on for 15 minutes out and pressing play on one of Gabby’s monthly meditations.

Don’t overthink which one, just press play. While it’s suggested to sit up in some mediations I don’t, I do what works naturally for me and lay flat on my back with my palms facing up.

This simply works for me, consistently. Explore here and find what works for you and remember to be gentle in that process. There is no perfect way to mediate and even for some of those who have practiced for years there is absolutely days where it feels like it’s hard to push the thoughts way in practice.

Keep showing up for yourself here.

2. Craft your dream statement.

                Get an oversized white index card and really get clear on what your big dreams are. I have … I am… I feel… Get super clear here and don’t be afraid to think bigger!

Now, get a fresh white card and write it out in beautiful colors exactly as you envision it. The reason I want you to have a card stock type of paper and beautiful colors is because I want you to physically feel the substance of your dreams and see the beauty in it. Your going to keep this right by your bedside and read it every night before you fall asleep and every morning upon waking.

Our subconscious mind is working for us 24/7 and with this practice you are going to nourish your subconscious brain with some serious dreamy love! Be open, be all in and keep at this practice with no exact end date. Your training yourself here to see feel and generate the vibration of your dreams right into your existence!

Trust, surrender, DREAM!

3. Play!

I’m inviting you to make play and feeling good a higher priority in your life right now! Play is not just for children by any means. These kids are onto something with their naturally ability to shift and want to move towards what brings them joy! Take note the next time you are lucky enough to be around any children!

I love to turn on some music and dance in my kitchen. Go outside and jump on the trampoline. Going to yoga is total play for me as it brings so much peace, joy and restorative stretching! Get out some paint, markers and paper and simply create.

There is so many opportunities for play. Surrender to the universe and invite more joy into your life by simply choosing joy. Put down any thoughts or feelings that are lowering your vibe and welcome in the playful vibes!

Stepping outside of our responsibilities and routines to infuse play opens up our creativity and dreaming tenfold.

Make it your responsibility to bring play into each day! All three of these approaches will serve you beautifully. You are a dreamer and if anyone tells you to get your head out of the clouds be playful with them! Take things and life lightly, and always

*Originally published on Medium 7/23/2019

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