Brianna Smalley.

Art is everything.

It is within us, around us, above us and beyond.

I have always seen the world around me in such vivid colors. I draw upon the energy I can feel, see & know in my soul whenever I am creating.

Everything I create is infused with intentions of hope, healing, transformation, and love. Each piece is radically unique with the energy it was created with.

My pure connection to source allows me to be a conduit for my art.  I’ve always said my paintings don’t come from me, they come through me.

I am inspired by the world around me. A decade spent in Brooklyn, NY people watching and taking in the essence of the city many moons ago led me to picking up the paintbrush again.

I am inspired by colors, sounds, frequencies and how they make me feel. How they make you feel.

Creating art is a lot like living life for me. It's a journey and an experiment to to see if I can feel and see my way through the unknown and turn it into something meaningful. It's a dance and an understanding that we can change directions, we can start over, we can be wildly curious and we can tune into what reflects our hearts and intentions through creative action. 

A blank canvas is a beautiful thing to be in front of and a work of art in itself.

My art is a reflection of my energy or the way I perceive energy in others, in places and in experiences.

I am thankful I get to share this joy of mine with you. Thank you.

My intentions are that you feel a shift in your energy when experiencing my art. You deserve to feel good, feel inspired and feel grounded in your energy. May you feel loved, supported, seen and heard.

Allow art to be a reset as you pass by it in your home, studio and beyond. A moment to pause and just be. 

And remember, you are the biggest masterpiece you will ever work on in your life. Be radically loving to yourself and create an experience of beauty in your home.



I paint energy.

In my twenties when I lived in Brooklyn, NY I was inspired by the art all around me. I found myself walking through museums often just absorbing all of the art as much as I could.

NYC itself is an entire art in motion experience and it just inspired me to pick the paintbrush back up and get into an art class.

What I didn’t expect at the time was truly remembering how much joy creating and expressing myself through painting brought me. It was a rekindling of my soul.

It’s my hope that my art can fill your space with intentional energy to enhance hope, generate joy and bring beauty into your world.

Fill your world with vivid colors and allow yourself to experience the feelings they bring.

Xoxo Brianna

The Light

The Light


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The light will carry us through the darkness. When our light connects with one another it amplifies. Light amplified is love.

Original Abstract Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.