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CEO & Coach = You & me.

Not me delivering some turn key over promised marketing technique that will 10X your return.

Not you putting in tons of time to turn the dial in your vision and feel like you’re wasting your time.

It’s YOU & ME as co-creators to move the needle forward giving you more time, vision clarity & creative actionable ideas to bring your business into alignment.

Which will naturally bring you into alignment on purpose as well.

I have a simple approach to bringing clarity, fresh creativity & freedom in your business and life.

Because let’s face it, they aren’t separate and the goal is to make it all really seamless and fun authentically.

Yes you can be more successful, have way more free time than you do now, create a self managing company and have joyful balance in life & work.

This is a partnership, a solid space for thinking completely outside the box.

Who this is for.

You are the CEO, the owner, the dream builder wanting to execute your dream for your business.

You have so many ideas, projects & thoughts that need to be decluttered for impact.

You just want someone to look at things differently, creatively and help you find forward movement.

You want absolute clarity with naming your dream, your sales process & breaking down the framework of it.

You want to see how to leverage the content you’ve already put your time and heart into.

You want defined time in your schedule that is 100% for you and more of it.

You just want to see your vision in action already! Why is everyone moving so slow?

You want your team to be in alignment with your vision & just don’t want that office drama.

You don’t know if you have the right people in the right roles or which department to expand first.

You thrive on authenticity and want that reflected back to you in your team.

You are open to shifting ideas.

You are okay with simply having the hard conversations around the emotions of your business or anything that may come up.

You’re ready to create more freedom in your life so business & life are seamless, enjoyable adventures again.

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to ride the surf

to scan a wide range of offerings for something of interest

Don’t get lost in the sea of the next greatest marketing idea, the highest end business coach or the frozen sea of too many ideas and lack of execution.

Surfing requires: grace, grit & focus.

You’ve got all 3 and simply may need a realignment of the seas.

Think of me as:

An idea generator.

A soul with 14+ years of Executive Assistant & Project Management for CEO’s & Executives of financial investment firms in NYC & Connecticut.

An East Coast change maker.

A creative coach for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their personal time and impact to the world at the same time.

An advocate for balance and harmony from the employee standpoint surrounding culture, experiences and roles in a company. I help you make sure you have the right fits for the right roles.

A million dollar project executor.

A dream architect.

I am personal, business, experience & intuition combined to curate clarity on everything that matters the most to you.

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