Soul Sessions for Life, Business, Dreams

(and everything in between.)

Every Session Is Catered to You!

 What you're curious about, confused by, frozen with, afraid of, weighed down with or just wanting intuitive guidance on. Something you're dreaming about and want clarity on, wanting to shift away from but it keeps looping in your mind or simply an opportunity to openly explore together.

This is space carved out for us to co-create magic together, to enhance and bring awareness to the energy you carry around different areas of your life. All you need to do is come with an open mind and set the intention to create space for discovery.

Sessions run for 60-70 minutes.

Soul Sessions


Single Soul Session to focus on any area of resistance and uncover any potential unknowns to shift the energy around it. The goal: Feel better fast. Life idea, business idea, let’s crush this subject in our time and clean up the energy around it.


4 Soul Sessions to explore your soul signature energy and align with clarity to what you want to experience in life, business and anything in between. We are going to align your spirit and allow you to take up all the space you need and shine!


8 Soul Sessions to really adventure through shifting your energy, knowing your soul signature energy, aligning to your center & designing your life with radical authority. With an abundance of time to co-create the magic is limitless. You are the CEO of your life, it’s time to truly own it & design it!